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Vipiemme: interview with Michele Pinna

"The ability to handle complicated problems with modest budgets."

Vipiemme is a Milan company on the market for 24 years, born from the effort of three partners, Michele Pinna, CEO, David d'Angelico responsible for any segment of editing and post production and a third capital shareholder. In the beginning the company was dedicated almost exclusively to corporate documentaries with analogic electronic devices footage shot, and then adapted to a rapidly changing digital market. Today, the work is mainly dedicated to advertising, though being a small size company, they can treat customers in a more comprehensive way.

So they also make documentaries and audiovisual complete and mixed supports for various needs, including corporate communication. Such videos are useful marketing supports and other activities, and also Internet: a high quality master is then cascaded to madk different versions in various resolutions and purposes.
In general, Vipiemme receives Canon ProRes format shooting and edited videos are useful for conventions, sales networks presentations, and internal marketing or educational. The production, that is filming, is not addressed directly; in fact Vipiemme receives, usually, all the shots. Here the finished product is edited with all the necessary intermediate processing. However the customer is given much support at any stage of the design before filming, in consulting and pre-production.
Another important part of Vipiemme work consists of the post advertising: in fact, historically, the company is dedicated to posting video commercials with television purposes and not coincidentally Vipiemme has long been a member of UNAPOST, the National Union of Post Production Companies.
Michele Pinna says: we've been partners for many years and I find it's a wonderful experience. UNAPOST must continue with great enthusiasm, supported by all members, because of the desire to defend our work and differentiate it as a quality offer. Only the best facilities can -actually- be part of this quality brand."
The hjeadquarter, via Plinio 38 in Milan, hosts three post production suites on a network, equipped with Avid, Final Cut, Autodesk Smoke on Mac for finalization and the Adobe suites for the effects. The work flows on a server Avid Unity for file sharing.
Michele continues: "We are particularly strong in terms of editorial videos for the publishing houses and we have large story of almost exclusively post production made videos edited on so much footage. Having made many videos for the publishing houses, we are able to follow also customers with not large budget projects. With great honesty I could say that we have no centers of excellence in some segments of post production but we can pack everything in a very professional way, following and helping our customer and always within the budget."
In fact the company is moving along the groove created in the past and has the ability to handle complicated problems with modest budgets. They never made too large investments in technologies and with an "average cabotage" facility they have achieved great respect results. In fact they feel a balanced structure without peaks of excellence in any segment, but boasting overall capabilities greatly appreciated by customers.
Recently they have also experienced small operations in 4K UHD but increased resolution is not followed by any change in the "language of video."



via Plinio 38


rappresentante: MICHELE PINNA

telefono: 335/205485


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